Welcome to wood4good!

Nothing feels as wonderful and warm as a wood fire.

Powered by the sun, trees can provide us with an alternative source of energy that is clean and renewable.

But that is not all there is to it - where your wood comes from really matters!

What is so good about wood4good?

You can now warm your home or workplace with firewood without damaging the environment.

Safe - our firewood is always thoroughly seasoned so it can be burned cleanly and efficiently.

Sensible – buying our firewood returns money to the people that grow the trees on their land.

Fauna-friendly - 100% is harvested from purposely planted trees, 0% from woodlands or forests.

Carbon-neutral – buying and burning our firewood generates no net carbon emissions.

Feel really good choosing wood4good!

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Why choose wood4good?


Clean, dry and ready to burn!

100% Plantation Grown

Carbon-neutral, fauna-friendly and guilt-free!


Standard length billets of split gum & ironbark

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