Product info

Central Victoria is blessed with some of the best firewood species on the planet.

This winter we are supplying a mix of excellent quality, dry firewood billets sourced from a mix of renowned fuelwood species that includes locally grown sugar gum and ironbark.

Much of this wood would have ended up in landfill or been left to rot. We have been processing and drying it over the last 18 months and it is good to go!

Sugar gum and red ironbark generate firewood that is superior to red gum. According to the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, river red gum has a Relative Available Heat Value of 83%, while sugar gum is rated at 95% and ironbark at 97%.

If you want to know more about our product, or you want your wood in non-standard sizes please make inquiries via  email.

And remember – 100% of our product is sourced from selected plantations or purposely planted tree species.